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Citi Urban Management | Rental Apartments

June 18, 2012

Are you looking for affordable, no-fee apartments in New York? Yes, you are. If you're gonna find a place to live, you might as well skip the broker and check in here with us. Here's 4 great listings from Citi Urban Management, a major apartment rentals corporation in NYC.

Carnegie Park NYC | 200 West 94th Street

Carnegie Park NYC 200 West 94th Street

This splendid Citi Urban Management building in the heart of Upper West Side is located on 200 West 94th Street, and offers amenities like you've never seen before. A soaring skyscraper, Carnegie Park NYC offers a swimming pool, a rooftop deck, and a beautiful foyer that belongs in a five star building. It's also reasonably priced, starting at $2,500.

320 East 34th Street | Kips Bay


320 East 34th Street Kips Bay Citi Urban Management

You generally don't think of Kips Bay as the place to go for excellent apartments. Well, it is. This apartment on 320 East 34th Street is a great steal for the price at $2,000 for a 1 Bedroom, and accepts Insurent and all of your needy pets. Grab it for one of the cheapest apartments in Manhattan.

115 Saint Marks Place | East Village


115 Saint Marks Place East Village Citi Urban Management

Again, this is an superb location for a decent price. With 1 bedroom apartments going for $2,700, it's easily a steal compared to nearby rentals in the upscale location of East Village. Check it out at 115 Saint Marks Place, by Citi Urban Management.

234 West 13th Street | West Village

Great location: I can confirm, because I work here every day. There's a variety of amazing halal carts around here, and a diverse and varied restaurant scene for your daily dining needs. The value for this building is also great; at $3,000 for a 1 BR in West Village, it's definitely worth a look. Hit up 234 West 13th Street.