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Chocolate in the City: Union Square & East Village Apartments near Stand Burger (Surprisingly best Chocolate Milkshakes in the city)

August 18, 2011

I finally get to combine my love of chocolate and food with the love of apartment hunting! Weekly I will share with you my top sweets and restaurants in the city and how to live only blocks away from them…

[caption id="attachment_238" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Toasted Marshmallow Shake from Stand Burger (picture via "][/caption]

This week: Stand Burger's MILKSHAKES at 24 east 12th street.

CLASSIC SHAKES mini $4 / regular $6
Vanilla, chocolate malt, blueberry pie, strawberry, banana, black and white, apple pie, fresh mint, pumpkin, maple almond'

PREMIUM GELATO SHAKES mini $5 / regular $7
Toasted marshmallow, honey lavender chocolate, chocolate peanut butter cup, mint cookies and cream

People swear by the Toasted marshmallow while I love their classic chocolate. I have had milkshakes just about everywhere and there is just something different about theirs- it is probably the Gelato. Whatever it is, before summer ends I highly recommend trekking over there and getting one. Fortunately,  or perhaps unfortunately for my ever expanding waist line, I live in this hood.

if you want to live within walking distance to the best shakes in the city, here are some recommended no-fee NYC apartment buildings for you:

[caption id="attachment_244" align="alignleft" width="243" caption="Winner: Closest to Stand Burger is 77 Fifth Avenue with only a .3 mile distance!"][/caption]

Apartments in Union Square:

Huge and bright studio on coveted 77 fifth avenue in elevator/laundry building. Rentenna Score: 72 (Very Good!)

TIED FOR WINNER: Distance from Stand Burger: Only .3 miles!!!

Huge 2 bedroom in elevator/laundry/doorman building for $3550 at Gramercy Central. (220 east 22nd street). Rentenna Score: 66 (Good!)

Distance from Stand Burger: .8 miles

Real 2 bedroom for $2950 on 346 east 20th Street! Rentenna Score: 75 (Very Good!)

Distance from Stand Burger: .9 miles

Real 3 bedroom in prime Union Square at 138 east 16th street for $6000 in elevator building. Rentenna Score: 68 (Good!)

Distance from Stand Burger: .5 miles


Apartments in the East Village:

Real 1 bedroom on 435 east 12th street for only $2100!!! Rentenna Score: 54 (Average)

Distance from Stand Burger: .7 miles

Big studio for $2300 on 50 Third Avenue at the corner of 10th street. Rentenna Score: 53 (Average)

2nd place: Distance from Stand Burger: Only .4 miles!

Apartments in Noho/Greenwich Village:

Large and real 3 bedroom/2 bath in coveted townhouse on 70 west 11th street for $5700! Rentenna Score: 55 (Average)

Tied for Winner: Distance from Stand Burger: Only .3 Miles!!

Large studio on 30 Greenwich Avenue for $2700 in laundry/elevator building. Rentenna Score: 55 (Average)

Distance from Stand Burger: .5 miles