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Chocolate in the City: New Upper East Side / Midtown East Apartments near the deservedly hyped Serendipity's Frozen Hot Chocolate

September 08, 2011

I finally get to combine my love of chocolate and food with the love of apartment hunting! Weekly I will share with you my top sweets and restaurants in the city and how to live only blocks away from themÂ…

This week, the uber popular "Frozen Hot Chocolate" at Serendipity 3 at 225 East 60th Street.

When I first experienced Serendipity's frozen hot chocolate I was with my two best girlfriends and had to wait two hours. Fortunately, California Pizza Kitchen is next door so we did a long dinner there and finally got in. I don't easily endorse chocolate as it is sacred to me, but this was worth the wait. My friends opted for the Peanut Butter Chocolate while being a purist of course I got the chocolate straight up. While most share, I obviously don't. I easily finished mine while my friends struggled along. I have bought the packets and made it at home and it is ALMOST as good as being there...I said almost.

Recommendation: Know it will always be a 1-2 hour wait. On Saturdays don't even bother unless you have a movie to see next door. Also ladies: Bloomingdales & Urban are across the street if you need to kill time. ***They do take reservations but you have to eat dinner. The burgers are good, classic diner food but the desserts are why you go.

If you want to live within walking distance to the only place that serves Frozen Hot Chocolate in NYC, here are some recommended NEW no-fee NYC apartment buildings for you:


Upper East Side

Large one bedroom in elevator/laundry building on 244 East 60th Street for $2500. Rentenna Score: 65 (Good!)

Distance from Serendipity: 1/2 block, WINNER!!!

Huge studio on in Manhattan East(elevator/laundry building) at 205-227 east 66th street for only $1640. Rentenna Score: 69 (Good!)

Distance from Serendipity: .4 miles

Nice one bedroom apartment in walk-up building on 309 East 61st Street for only $1800. Rentenna Score: 64 (Good!)

Distance from Serendipity: .2 miles

2 bedroom/1 bath on 238 East 88th Street.  Rentenna Score: 70 (Very Good!)

Distance from Serendipity: 1.5 miles (the walk burns it all off!)


Midtown East

Large studio in elevator/laundry building for only $1750 at 301 east 49th street. Rentenna Score: 75 (Very Good!)

Distance from Serendipity: .6 miles

1 bedroom in Stonehenge's 351 East 58th Street for only $2400. Rentenna Score: 63 (Good!)

Distance from Serendipity: .3 miles

Large 1 bedroom in elevator/laundry building on 235 east 53rd street for $2350. Rentenna Score: 62 (Good!)

Distance from Serendipity: .5 miles