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Chicago Food Delivery Heatmap: Where to Live If You Love to Order In!

October 15, 2013

Ranking the Best Places to Live for Food Delivery in Chicago

You’re a hungry Chicago resident, and you expect any and every type of cuisine available to you at a moment’s notice. Fortunately, the city doesn't disappoint, with restaurant options to sate most any appetite.

Except it's getting cold out. And you're far too lazy to leave your apartment.

Time to call in some food delivery. But which Chicago neighborhood gives you access to ordering the greatest variety of grub from the confines of your couch?

AddressReport'’s new Chicago Food Delivery Heatmap answers exactly that question, revealing the density of food delivery options available in every neighborhood of the Windy City. Red areas on the map indicate blocks with the greatest volume & variety of restaurants that deliver; green areas indicate neighborhoods that offer an average selection of delivery options; blue areas indicate it's time to pick up a good cookbook, because options in those areas are limited.

Read on for your map to food-delivery treasure, but please don't blame us if you've got to put in some extra work at the gym before hitting the lake this summer (click map image below to see full version and zoom in on specific neighborhoods):

The Chicago Food Delivery Heatmap by AddressReport

Chicago Food Delivery Heatmap by Rentenna

Chicago Neighborhood Food Delivery Rankings

To no one's surprise, Chicago's North Side is the place to be for delivery die-hards. In fact, before we cropped the map to focus primarily on the North Side, only Hyde Park could be seen as offering much in the way of delivery options south of I-55 and east of I-94. Has Chicago's burgeoning food scene completely left the South Side behind, or are fewer restaurants in the South Side willing to deliver?

Within the North Side, Depaul/Sheffield has the highest concentration of delivery options in the city, ideal for feeding the hungry college kids at Depaul at all hours. The rest of Lincoln Park, while not quite as concentrated in food delivery options as Depaul/Sheffield, ranks nearly as well, followed by Lake View just to the north. Lincoln Park’s Clyburn Corridor and Old Town just to the south round out the top five.

In ranked order, here's what the data reveals as the top 20 neighborhoods in Chicago for breadth & depth of food delivery options:

  1. DePaul/Sheffield
  2. Lincoln Park
  3. Lakeview
  4. Clybourn Corridor
  5. Old Town
  6. Boystown
  7. Southport Corridor
  8. Noble Square
  9. Near North Side
  10. Gold Coast
  11. River West
  12. Roscoe Village
  13. Wrigleyville
  14. The Loop
  15. River North
  16. Greektown
  17. Bucktown
  18. West Loop
  19. Wicker Park
  20. Printer's Row

We've even included special icons to indicate some Chicago favorites that offer delivery in their neighborhoods. Because let's face it: if you're so lazy that you've made it this deep into an article dedicated to the best neighborhoods for stuffing your face while conducting a solo streaming marathon on Netflix, you could use the help.

Cuisine Breakdown: Pizza Delivery is Chicago's First Love

In terms of cuisine, pizza dominates the Chicagoland delivery scene, accounting for a full quarter of Chicago’s delivery options, followed by American, Japanese, and Chinese food, in order. See the pie chart on the Food Delivery Heatmap for the full breakdown.

Chicago Renters Looking Beyond Price

Younger Americans -- after seeing their parents' generation burned by the housing bubble and crash -- are more frequently than ever making the financially flexible decision to rent in urban areas rather than settle down and buy houses in the suburbs.  As this new generation of renters chooses where to live, issues beyond price are increasingly playing the largest role in their decision-making. Quality-of-life issues in particular, like building amenities, access to public transportation, and access to great restaurant delivery options have become major considerations for renters looking for their next pad.

If having every type of food -- from pizza, to Chinese, to Indian, to sushi, to modern American, to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern and beyond -- available for delivery with a click or phone call is important to you, check out the heatmap above and look up your apartment on AddressReport and get the full scoop about your apartment and your neighborhood.