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NYC Luxury Rentals Celebrity Map: What Do Celebrities Pay to Rent in New York?

November 15, 2013

How Much Celebrities Pay to Rent in NYC

Not too long ago the Rentenna team had some fun mapping out where the celebrities live in NYC. But we've since matured and become all serious-like. So now we're going to decipher not where the stars live, but rather how much they pay to rent their apartments in New York.

See below the giant map of what celebrities pay to rent luxury apartments in Manhattan and Brooklyn:

The Map of What Stars Pay to Rent in New York City

Map of How Much NYC Celebrities Pay in Rent
(Attention creepers: don't even ask us for street addresses or unit numbers - it's not gonna' happen)

Do the stars shell out even more than you'd expect for their luxury apartments? Or, just like with all the other free goodies celebs are known to get, do celebrities pay way less than average in rent thanks to starstruck brokers, co-op boards, and landlords?

Do Celebrities Pay More or Less than Average for Rent in NYC?

For some celebs, living just don't come cheap -- and they like it that way. Ace Ventura and Truman Show star Jim Carrey, with his rumored $25,000 per month Greenwich Village apartment rental, throws down nearly 400% more in rent for his pad than the average 2BR renter in a Village doorman building. Meanwhile, When Harry Met Sally megastar Meg Ryan is rumored to be paying some 178% more for her 3BR than does the average New Yorker for a luxury 3BR in her 'hood. Whatever, haters... it's Meg Ryan, and we'll always have what she's having.

For other celebrities, life is sweet and the livin' is easy -- and unfairly cheap, considering their quality digs. Ashley Greene's apartment, for example, clocks in at 5% below average when compared against typical rents for luxury doorman apartments in the east village. Other "frugal" front-pagers? Former Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin (with his fully furnished downtown W Hotel apartment in Battery Park, until he got shipped out of town by the geniuses at MSG) and Chase Crawford (with his luxury Wall Street apartment) are rumored to be leveraging their celebrity status to score some sweet pads at well below prevailing market rents.

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