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Can you be as creative as our current nominators for our HOT Doorman Contest?

April 16, 2012

Well, our suspicions have been confirmed…New Yorkers LOVE their doormen. So far we have been inundated with nominations. But we’re sure there are yet more hot doormen out there. So keep your nominations coming!

And if you’re nominating by Facebook, feel free to get a little creative. (If not, don’t worry and we will ask our hard hitting questions:)) People who have nominated their HOT doormen by email have been far outshining our Facebook nominators in terms of gushing enthusiasm. Here’s an example of one of our favorite email nominations:

“We by far have the hottest doorman in NYC, I would like my name to be anonymous, but you can say, “The ladies of …” nominated him.

He is smart (studying to be a nurse)
Amazing with our children
So handsome that every woman on the block walks by our building just to see him including people walking to the river. Women in the neighborhood have told me this.
Most importantly, he is one of the nicest guys, EVER. His smile brings happiness to everyone’s day.

Working on a picture  ”

She did work on a picture by the way. Here it is:

Look at that body! And patriotic to boot! He could be hard to beat!

Think your doorman could top him? Nominate him, and let the voting begin…!