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Boston's Most Popular Neighborhoods & Apartments for Renters 2013

May 17, 2013

As we enter summer 2013, things are looking up -- a bit -- for the Boston renter. Summer 2012 was touted as the "year of the landlord" for Boston apartment rental prices, with a scary-low vacancy rate of 4.5% and rents jumping 10-15% over the previous summer. Boston's ultra-hot rental prices ranked second, by many accounts, to only New York City's apartment rental market.

So which are Boston's most popular neighborhoods among apartment-hunting renters as we head into the summer of 2013, what are average rents looking like for the city, and (just for fun) which apartment buildings are getting the most rental-search love?

Boston Apartment Rentals Stats for 2013 (To Date)

Boston's rental pricing in 2013 seems to be faring slightly better for renters than a year earlier, with average rental prices dropping about 5-10% across the board.

Based on analyzing more than 50,000 historical apartment listings in 2013, the AddressReport data team sees average Boston apartment rents at (figures rounded):

  • Studios - $1,500
  • One Bedrooms - $2,300
  • Two Bedrooms - $2,800
  • Three Bedrooms - $3,400

Check out AddressReport's top viewed neighborhoods, apartment buildings and most "pinned" units below.

Boston's 5 Most Popular Neighborhoods for Renters

The most popular neighborhoods in Boston among apartment-hunters using AddressReport through May 2013:

  1. South End

  2. Allston

  3. North End

  4. Beacon Hill

  5. Brookline

    Boston's 5 Most-Viewed Apartments

    1. Alterra at Overlook Ridge at 11 Overlook Ridge

      1 bed/1 bath priced at $1,460, with a great amenities rating (gym, pool and business center).

    2. 15 Park Drive

       1 bedroom/1 bath for $2450 with gym and roofdeck.

    3. 6 Whittier Place

         1 bedroom/1 bath for $2850, 900 sq ft
    4. 10 Glenville Ave

      1 bedroom/1 bath $750 SHARED apartment for College Students a Private Room in massive apartment
    5. Maverick Landing at 4 London Street

      2 bedroom/1 bath for $1800
      3 bedroom/2 bath for $2075
      4 bedroom/2 bath for $2400