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The Best Neighborhoods in Manhattan 2015 Edition

July 31, 2015

We realized that it's been a while since we last updated thse rankings. This time around we wanted to make our ranking system a little more quantitative and a little less qualitative. As a result these Manhattan neighborhood rankings might be different from most of the ones you’ve seen. You’re not going to see Tribeca or Flatiron or Chelsea topping these rankings. But that’s kind of the point of our rankings. We aren’t basing these off of what people think is “hip”, but instead we’re basing these neighborhood rankings off the cold hard facts. Anyways, if you want to go hang out in the Meatpacking District for its nightlife it’s a quick train ride away from most of Manhattan. But that’s enough talking about the rankings in the abstract - without further ado here’s AddressReport’s list of the top 5 Manhattan neighborhoods.

5 Best Neighborhoods in Manhattan to Live In

5. Lenox Hill - One of the top neighborhoods in NYC throughout the city’s storied history Lenox Hill continues to top the rankings of Manhattan neighborhoods. Amazing buildings and a peaceful living situation make for a great place to live. However, the rent can be rather steep. But, if you can afford it Lenox Hill continues to be a great neighborhood.

4. Battery Park City - Low crime, nice buildings, and a great community combine together to make this neighborhood on the fringes of the Financial District one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan to live in. Especially renowned as a family neighborhood it also ranks quite high in quality of life factors.

3. Beekman - One of the smallest neighborhoods in all of Manhattan is also one of the best. Located near the UN it’s also one of Manhattan’s oldest neighborhoods. Its high quality buildings coupled with an almost non existent crime rate result in Beekman being ranked as one of AddressReport’s top Manhattan neighborhoods despite its relatively high rent.

2. Tudor City - Solid across the board. It’s one of the safest neighborhoods in Manhattan and it scored great on all of our quality of life factors. Even its rent is pretty manageable. It might not be the flashiest neighborhood in Manhattan, but it is an amazing place to live.

1. Carnegie Hill - Low crime, great buildings, almost no filth or noise, and a ton of trees. That leads to Carnegie Hill being named our top neighborhood to live in Manhattan. In fact Carnegie Hill was our best rated neighborhood in all of New York! Yeah the rent is a little bit higher than average, but all those other factors are more than enough to offset that.

The revival of some of the outer neighborhoods of NYC has overshadowed the fact that the East Side is becoming an even better place to live. That might seem crazy since the East Side has always been the place to live in New York (well at least part of it has). But as the outer neighborhoods have become more and more attractive the price of living on the East Side has fallen and these neighborhoods skyrocketed up our rankings.

If these are the best neighborhoods in Manhattan what are the worst? You might be surprised by what makes the list.

Do you disagree with our rankings? Want to know why your neighborhood didn’t make it to the top spot? Check out the full report for your address and get the complete details