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The Best Neighborhoods in Manhattan

May 26, 2013

Planning to rent in New York City in the near future? Looking for that perfect mix of safety, accessibility, space, and proximity to your nearest Urban Outfitters? Help is now here. We've analyzed the expanse of neighborhoods in New York City, best and worst, rich and poor, disease-ridden and murder-free. As a result, we're doing a five part series on the best neighborhoods in each borough of NYC, giving you the pros, the cons, and everything in between of these top neighborhoods in NYC. Today, we're starting with the best neighborhoods in Manhattan: be sure to check back soon for the next installments!


Tribeca | The Safest Neighborhood in Manhattan

Tribeca, often written as TriBeCa (an anagram-matic combination of the terms Triangle Below Canal Street), is consistently ranked among the neighborhoods with the highest quality of life, and for obvious reasons. It has the lowest rate of crime in all of Manhattan, next to Nolita/Little Italy; however, in terms of its intangibles, it pulls far ahead from not only Little Italy, but indeed from the rest of the pack, coming in as one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan. Within its borders are located three separate universities, an endless, beautiful waterfront, and apartments in converted industrial buildings that would meet the dreams of every hipster. Notwithstanding, the concentration of celebrities is enormous: you'll see characters such as Jay-Z, Derek Jeter, and Scarlett Johansson walking by on a daily basis. However, Tribeca is exorbitantly expensive, and consequently it remains a quality match for only those of you that can already afford a yacht.

Lower East Side | The Best Neighborhood in Manhattan for Singles

Lower East Side, in one statement, epitomizes New York. In the daytime, it serves as a major restaurant destination, with some of the biggest names in culinary arts residing in the area. After sunset, though, Lower East Side shows its true colors: it transforms into a bustling nightlife, with raging dance clubs, live music, and attractions such as the Bowery Ballroom. Throughout the area, contemporary art museums are prevalent, and an activist community of artists, musicians, and performers reside here. Apartment rentals are reasonably priced, the shopping options are eclectic, and the nights are long. Come here if you're looking for a good time. Stay here if you're looking to live the life.

West Village | The Best Neighborhood in Manhattan for Families

Fascinated with 18th century Italianate and Romanesque Revival architecture? Looking for an artsy, small-town feel in the biggest city in the United States? We've found the place for you. West Village is best known for its confusing, off-the-grid streets and its over 2,000 historical buildings, but there's more to life here than simply history. Its intimate and residential atmosphere, combined with its high concentration of artists and parks, makes this a faultless location to raise a family. And if you're worried about seeing a few hippies stumbling down the sidewalks at two in the morning, don't be: they're part of the charm.

Gramercy Park | The Greenest Neighborhood in Manhattan

Yes, we know it's a surprise. Gramercy, a tiny neighborhood eponymously named after the beautiful private park it surrounds, possesses the highest ratio of trees-to-people outside of Central Park. Composed largely of Victorian townhouses, Gramercy is an isolated wonderland: if you can afford it to live in one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan. Two bedroom condominiums can range around $6,500 a month to rent, and let's just say the average income is well above the national, or even the Manhattan average. A friendly, fashionable resort, live in Gramercy if you're looking for a respite from the daily bustle of the New York  commute.

Upper West Side | The Cultural Center of NYC

The Lincoln Center. The Metropolitan Opera. The New York Philharmonic. If you're a fan of cultivated, civilized entertainment, here's your stop. Within the Upper West Side, you'll find an upscale, urban climate, with a mishmash of brownstone and modern architecture and just a pinch of exclusivity. On its northern borders you'll find the world-famous Columbia University, with its hordes of fashionable (read: hipster) students flooding down through the neighborhood every Friday, while on its lower end you'll find the bustle of Midtown without the exorbitant prices. Truly among the cultural centers of Manhattan, it also boasts one of the best neighborhoods to live in as well. There's a wide variety of entertainment, styles, and housing throughout the Upper West Side, but rest assured, you will fit in somewhere here. The rental prices aren't bad either. This is definitely one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan.


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