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Best Neighborhoods in Queens

June 05, 2012

As promised, here's the second installment of our five-part series: the best neighborhoods in each of the boroughs of NYC. Today, we'll be covering Queens, arguably NYC's most diverse and beautiful hidden gem. You'll find a wide variety of exemplary and unique neighborhoods; for right now, however, we're bringing you only the queen of the crop. (Haha? No? I didn't think so.) More after the jump.

Astoria | The Best Neighborhood in Queens for Young Professionals

Astoria is the ideal city for individuals recently graduating from college and looking for their first paycheck. Located 20-30 minutes by subway from any point in Manhattan, it offers reasonably cheap housing and apartment rentals, a high density of shopping malls and commercial centers, and most importantly, a wealth of other young professionals looking for a good time. Consequently, Astoria has a diverse and pedestrian friendly nightlife, with clubs, bars, and a variety of restaurants priced for the average startup intern. If that hasn't convinced you, take a peek at the infamous Bohemian Hall beer gardens, in Astoria:

Outdoor beer? What a blast. Stop by Astoria if you're looking for similarly minded young professionals.

Sunnyside, Queens |A Diverse, Affordable Neighborhood to Rent In

Sunnyside has something for everyone. One of the most diverse neighborhoods in Queens, there are tightly knit communities of Chinese, Armenian, Korean, Indian, and Romanian culture scattered throughout the neighborhood, providing a mesh of dozens of different cultures and styles. The prevalence of planned communities such as Sunnyside Gardens, a development based around providing affordable, space-conscious, and beautiful housing, ensures that the median price of apartments remains the lowest in Queens: approximately $1,300 for a 2 bedroom setup. For an affordable, friendly, and safe neighborhood, definitely place Sunnyside in your top 5.

Forest Hills, Queens | The Most Beautiful Queens Neighborhood

Forest Hills is absolutely stunning. This is quite easy to prove. Rather than waste time attempting to describe how beautiful it is, I'll just leave a variety of amazing pictures from this neighborhood.

Well known for being an affluent enclave, Forest Hills also possesses a safe environment, amazing restaurants, and among the best public schooling system in the country. It's also freakin' beautiful. Come live here if you can afford the premium.

Looking for detailed info about any address in Astoria, Sunnyside, or Forest Hills? Knock on our door at AddressReport for complete info about any building in NYC. We'll help you find something. For more of the best neighborhoods, check out The Best Neighborhoods in ManhattanThe Best Neighborhoods in Brooklyn, The Best Neighborhoods in the Bronx, and The Best Neighborhoods in Staten Island.