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Best Brunch NYC 2012 | Where To Go For a Heavenly Brunch

September 05, 2012

Saturday brunches aren't just a thing for the older, less overworked generation. They're all over NYC with spectacular deals, friendly waiters, and occasionally a few shots of alcohol for the discerning customer. There's French brunches, cheap brunches, even Chinese brunches, complete with French crepes and your favorite dim sum. Sounds like your thing? See if you're in for any of these four amazing brunches located all throughout the city, and maybe you'll find your personal favorite NYC brunch in 2012.

Enjoy our delectable information on brunches? Just give us a or a Facebook "Like", and then scroll on down for the best four brunches in NYC.

Best NYC Brunch for Alcoholics | Clover Club

Looking to kick back with some excellent omelettes, good old hash browns, and of course a shot of bourbon in the mornings? Look no further. The Clover Club offers a classic, old-fashioned dining establishment for those of you who are simultaneously alcoholics and well-dressed, serving excellent brunches while maintaining a professional atmosphere. Located on Smith Street in Brooklyn, you'll find the standard crowd of preppy twenty-somethings, businessmen looking to kick it back, and brand new parents still trying desperately to maintain some semblance of a social life.

Best Chinese NYC Brunch | Jin Fong

For those of you who prefer a more exotic brunch (or more traditional, depending on your ethnicity), head over to Elizabeth Street to try some of the best dim sum on the planet. You'll find all the classic dishes such as taro dumplings and steamed pork buns, but they've also got some more unique fare for those adventurous enough to try it. A great way to experience some high quality Chinese cuisine while enjoying a filling brunch.

Best Cheap Brunch in NYC | Mother's Ruin

This brunch place has dishes starting from only $6, and serves some excellent Italian dishes with great bang for the buck. This cocktail bar has a quaint, small-town feel to it, with attentive service, great homemade food, and the charm that Little Italy's overdone cuisine lacks. Come here for a great time at a cheap price.

Best French Brunch in NYC | Joseph Leonard

Remember that cliched, quaint little French cafe in Christopher Nolan's Inception? How about the one in Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises? How about any other one of his blockbusters? Well, Joseph Leonard is probably what he's been basing them all off of, because it's as pure of a French cafe as you can get. From the excellent French toast to brioche and sliced banana, you'll find every staple of a movie classic here, and the service and atmosphere hit the mark perfectly. Check it out for a great French brunch.