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Average Apartment Size Worldwide | Average Home Size

June 19, 2012

We found a neat little infographic from the BBC that emphasizes that even though our apartments may be crazy expensive, we're still getting a bigger slice of the pie in terms of square footage as compared to most other nations worldwide. Here's a modernesque, neo-classical graphic of the average home sizes in the world, in terms of square meters.

Average House Size | The Largest Average Apartment Size is the U.S.A.

What does this artistic infographic tell us? Well, firstly, that we have nearly three times the amount of square footage in our homes as compared to people living in the UK. This can have only one possible effect: the British will continue to crack obesity and "supersize me" jokes at us. It's fine, though, because we're not the ones with 76 square meters of space per home. Secondly, that the USA and Australia have similar home sizes, which is reasonable considering their geographic circumstances and also not being squished into the tiny continent of Europe. Finally, we can conclude that BBC apparently thinks that "worldwide home sizes" refers to a quarter of Europe, the USA, and Australia. Way to be ethnically correct, BBC!

Average Household Size

We've got another infographic here, from Worldmapper, that can cast some further light on the discrepancies between US home sizes and the rest of the world. This is the number of households per 100 people by country:

As you can see, North America has among the most households per 100 people by country, following only Japan and Western Europe. This indicates that North America has some of the smallest number of people per household: combined with the largest apartments, we've got the most amount of household space per person in the world with the exception of this guy: The Smallest Apartment in NYC. Feels good, right? Lie back in your gigantic, airy room and just absorb the feeling of having too much space.




Here's a final, thoughtful infographic that we'd like to leave you with before we leave.






[caption id="attachment_2189" align="alignnone" width="1440" class="size-full wp-image-2189 " title="Beards Average Apartment Sizes" src="" alt="Beards Average Apartment Sizes" height="340" width="1440">[/caption]

Well, there you go. Now you know.


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