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AGBeat: 60 Genius Brand to watch in 2012 - Rentenna!

January 03, 2012


2011 was the year of growth, perseverance and blowback in which hundreds of companies launched and saw huge rounds of funding despite a defunct economy. For 2012, we are watching many startups as they grow, but we also have several legacy brands on our watch list as we hear rumors of big changes coming this year.

The following 60 brands were narrowed down from hundreds of companies that we have covered at AGBeat that are vying for your attention this year, and all 60 are poised to dominate in 2012.

Obviously, everything pertaining to rent is hot, but Rentenna is hotter – they have a really cool twist on the search process and has introduced the “Rentenna Score” which helps hunters to “filter out crappy (overpriced, run-down, far from subway, bed-buggy)” units on the market. Additionally, users can see where friends they are connected to on Facebook have lived to get their direct opinion and find out what they recommend, making a play for the popularity of social recommendations. The company was built by with the expertise of a New York City rental agent combined with the coding and tech experience of the other three partners who have combined “the human knowledge of someone who knows the ups and downs of renting in NYC and quantified it using algorithms, maths, robots, lasers, monkeys,” as they describe it. We anticipate Rentenna could get some big funding this year and march across the nation to score rentals – keep a close eye on this startup. Read more about Rentenna and rental scores.