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A Breakdown of the New York City Neighborhoods... AddressReport style

February 19, 2012


While helps travelers find their perfect hostel, AddressReport can help movers find their perfect NYC apartment. In this guest post by Sasha Gorelik of Rentenna, we learn about the different personalities of the various New York neighborhoods and how AddressReport can help you find your perfect living space.

You did it. You packed up your few worldly possessions, said goodbye to whoever you once were at home, and bought yourself a one-way ticket to the Big Apple. Now you’re in the world’s greatest city without a clue as to where you’re actually going to live.

And it’s a big decision: if you didn’t know, people in New York take the phrase “You are where you live” to a whole other level. So while you’re camping in one of New York’s many hostels, trying to figure out where you’ll be making your home in the city that never sleeps, it pays to understand NYC’s neighborhoods and who you can expect to become depending on where you choose to live.

Note: This is not an accurate representation of the true diversity to be found in each NYC neighborhood; it’s just one native New Yorker’s tongue-in-cheek look at the personalities that make up this great city.

Upper East Side
Shopping: Barneys and Bloomingdales
Typical Vacation: Enjoying the surf and sun in their Hamptons estate
A night on the town: Black tie gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Sound like your cup of tea? Check out Upper East Side apartments here. And if you’re looking for a typical UES building, it doesn’t get any more Upper East Side than The Montery!

 Union Square
Typical outfit: Skinny Jeans and an NYU hoodie
A night on the town: Beer pong and wings at Down the Hatch
Typical Vacation: Partying in Cancun over spring break

Student living more your style? Union Square apartments are just a click away. Affordable living is hard to find in this part of town, but 307 East 18th Street is a hidden gem!

Lower East Side
Favorite Drink: PBR
Shopping: Cheap Jacks thrift shop and Strand bookstore
Favorite Drinking Hole: Any dive bar
Enjoy hipster living with a Lower East Side apartment that’s close to all the action. CD280 andGenia Court are some of our favorites.

Upper West Side
Favorite Accessory: Diaper bag
Free Time: Enjoying Central Park
Guilty Pleasure: Shake Shack burger and shake

Family living your style? Check out our Upper West Side apartmentsStonehenge Village offers a private playground! And The Sagamore has an indoor play area.

Sheapshead Bay
Favorite Drink: Vodka followed by a bite of a pickled vegetable
Favorite Food: Anything Babushka (Grandmother) makes
Shopping: Armani Exchange

Want a first hand taste of mother Russia? Click here to see which Sheapshead Bay apartmentyou can call home. The Bradley and Branton offer some serious bang for the buck!

Staten Island
Shopping: Staten Island Mall?A night out: Bar hopping in the city
Free time: GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry)

If the “forgotten borough” is more your style, than one of our Staten Island apartments is sure to please. The Tysens Park Apartments offer an easy commute to the city.

Murray Hill
Night Out: Bar hopping on 3rd: Joshua Tree, Mercury Bar, Blockheads, etc.
Favorite Drink: Redbull and Vodka
Favorite outfit: Seven Jeans and respective (big ten) school hoodie

Sound like your scene? You might find yourself living at Windsor Court or Rivergate. Click to see what else  Murray Hill has to offer.

West Village
Guilty Pleasure: Magnolia Cupcakes
Shopping: Intermix, Marc Jacobs, J. Crew
A night out: The Lion (dinner) and The Windsor (drinks)

If trendy pre-war living is what your after, see what West Village apartments strikes your fancy. The Highline will have you living in style. For something a little closer to the action look no further than 35 Christopher Street.

There’s more to each of these neighborhoods than meets the eye, and each one is worth exploring on your own. Discover these and other NYC neighborhoods to see what bests suit your personality, lifestyle and needs.

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