JDS Development Eats Manhattan.

September 13, 2014

Based in Manhattan, JDS Development Group currently manages more than seven million square feet of properties at various stages of development. In New York, JDS properties include the record-setting Walker Tower in Chelsea. Farther uptown in Midtown West, Stella Tower – another JDS property with an Art Deco façade similar to that of the Walker Tower – houses 51 residences. Of course the project JDS is most famous for is the insanely tall (and skinny) 111 West 57th street.

From the site: "Walker and Stella Towers in particular celebrate the work of Ralph Walker, one of New York City’s most successful and prolific architects who is often credited for creating the initial shape of today’s impressive Manhattan skyline. Once called “the only other honest architect” by his colleague and American visionary Frank Lloyd Wright, Walker is celebrated by JDS Development Group, a firm committed to preserving and enhancing the effects of Walker’s genius in a city that owes much of its modern architectural appeal to his lengthy career."

More insane luxury condos to come. At least they are nice to look at.

Manhattan Rat Sightings Map 2014

September 07, 2014

AddressReport now displays the amount of reported "rodent sightings" for any home in NYC. This includes rat sightings, mouse sightings and rodent bites. Consolidated below are the total complaints made within the last year by neighborhood. Upper West Side comes in as the WORST with a staggering 681 complaints made within the last year!

Worst 5 Offenders:

#1 Upper West Side

#2 Harlem

#3 Upper East Side

#4 Midtown

#5 Washington Heights



Manhattan Rat Sightings Map

The Brooklyn Food Delivery Heatmap: Where to Live in BK If You Love to Order In

July 01, 2014

Those majestic Brooklyn brownstones sure look beautiful, but when you finally make it home from the office and that hunger strikes (let's dispense with the formalities here), the last thing you want to do after climbing several flights of walk-up goodness is even begin to think about groceries or cooking.

So if you're a Brooklynite more apt to load up an app than fire up your oven come chow time, which neighborhoods in BK can offer you the best variety of food delivery options? The Brooklyn Food Delivery Heatmap reveals all:

The Brooklyn, NYC Food Delivery Heatmap by AddressReport

The Brooklyn Food Delivery Heatmap by RentennaBased on an analysis of over 2,500 restaurants offering delivery in the borough, AddressReport'’s Brooklyn Food Delivery Heatmap provides a block-by-block visualization of BK's food delivery haves and have-nots.

  • Red indicates areas with a tremendous selection of restaurants that deliver.
  • Green indicates areas with a decent variety of food delivery options.
  • Blue indicates areas where you’d better pick up some cooking skills.
  • The knife and fork icons highlight the top-rated restaurants that deliver in Brooklyn, according to reviews by fellow BK denizens.

South Brooklyn dominates the restaurant delivery landscape in Brooklyn, with Park Slope the epicenter and single best neighborhood for delivery. No doubt that's welcome news for the young parents the neighborhood is known for -- who wants to drag a screaming toddler out into the world?

The Top 10 Brooklyn Neighborhoods for Restaurant Delivery:

  1. Park Slope
  2. South Slope
  3. Gowanus
  4. Prospect Heights
  5. Fort Greene
  6. Cobble Hill
  7. Clinton Hill
  8. Downtown Brooklyn
  9. Greenwood Heights
  10. Williamsburg


The Brooklyn Green Heatmap: Mapping BK's Farmers Markets, Street Trees, and Major Parks

July 01, 2014

Which neighborhoods in Brooklyn boast the greenest environs? Which BK residents get to bask in a leafy confluence of readily accessible public parks, tree-lined streets, and ever-so-awesome farmers' markets while so many others throughout the borough -- and NYC overall -- are trapped in block after block of concrete and asphalt?

To settle the question of the greeenest Brooklyn neighborhood, we present the AddressReport Brooklyn Green Heatmap -- visualizing Brooklyn's farmers' markets, blocks with the highest concentrations of tree-lined streets, and major parks in a heatmap-style graphic:

The Brooklyn Green Heatmap by AddressReport

Brooklyn Green Heatmap - Map of BK's Trees, Parks and Farmers Markets

Reading the Map

BK blocks with the greatest concentrations of street trees (not trees in parks, but trees actually lining the streets) are highlighted bright green, while areas with a medium concentration of street trees are tinted purple, and areas largely devoid of street trees are left clear. Farmers' markets are indicated by icons that read, well, "Farmers Market." And major public parks are indicated by the park name and a giant tree icon.

Brooklyn Loves Green Spaces

After we shared AddressReport's NYC Green Heatmap for Manhattan to analyze the location of farmers markets, major parks and tree-lined blocks in that crazy borough across the water (thank you, Real Deal, Village Voice, Ev Grieve, AG Beat & many others for spreading the word and for your awesome feedback!), the cry came up loud and clear:

"What about a map for Brooklyn?"

So, lesson learned: we promise Brooklyn will always get its fair share of our data maps going forward!

Mapping the Green in Brooklyn

Our Green Heatmap for Brooklyn is a map-based visualization of AddressReport's data on various Brooklyn blocks' proximity to farmers markets and major public parks. This data is sourced from a variety of opengov / opendata resources made available by various departments in the City of New York.


Miami Construction Rivals NYC

June 01, 2014

It’s no secret that downtown Miami is experiencing a significant housing boom with more than 14,500 residences currently in conceptual and planning phases, and many other existing luxury condos for sale. Of the many neighborhoods making room for new luxury condominiums, the financial district of Brickell is expected to grow nearly 27 percent in coming years. Developer Ugo Colombo saw a distinct opportunity to make a mark on the skyline of the “Manhattan of the South” with the introduction of Brickell Flatiron, a 64-story residential tower designed by Luis Revuelta. The shimmering curved-glass exterior of the tower provides a striking contrast to other skyscrapers and complexes in the area. Topping off at more than 750 feet, the Brickell Flatiron will offer its residents breathtaking views of downtown Miami and the nearby Biscayne Bay from its private rooftop pool. Located within walking distance of the Brickell MetroRail stop and within close proximity to some of the city’s most popular restaurants, designer stores, and nature preserve parks, the unique development offers an ideal option for anyone looking to experience the very best in luxury condos in Brickell and all that Miami has to offer.