New No-Fee Manhattan Apartment Deals. Happy Labor Day from Rentenna.

September 05, 2011

Happy Labor Day from Rentenna! There are so many factors that go into finding the right apartment. "Is this a good deal?" "Is the neighborhood safe?" "Is the landlord reliable?" At Rentenna, our mission is to make apartment hunting as easy as possible. We research all the important things about a building that you'd normally have to search for on your own, across any number of websites. We then weigh all these pieces of data against each other and condense the whole mess into a single number, the Rentenna Score. Using our score, you can quickly hone in on the best rentals in the city that match your search criteria. Find the latest no-fee Manhattan apartment rentals below!


$2250 large studio and $3100 1 bedroom in luxury/doorman building in the Townsway on 145 east 27th street. Rentenna Score: 75 (Very Good!)

  • Full-time Doorman
  • Laundry in Building
  • On-site Garage/On-site Parking Lot
  • Rooftop Deck

$3500 large 2 bedroom/2 bath in elevator/laundry building in Stuyvesant Town at 252 first avenue. Rentenna Score: 71 (Very Good)

$2950 real 2 bedroom in prime Gramercy on East 20th Street. Minute walk to union square 4/5/6/n/r/q/w/l trains! Rentenna Score: 70 (Very Good!)

$2300 studios and $3000 1 bedrooms in luxury doorman building in Gramercy East on 321 East 22nd Street. Rentenna Score: 93 (Premiere!)



$3500 convertible 3 bedroom/2 full baths in luxury doorman building in The Parkview 108 east 96th street. Rentenna Score: 90 (Excellent!)

$2650 large 1 bedroom in luxury/doorman building in The Royal York on East 63rd Street. Rentenna Score: 81 (Excellent!)

  • Elevator
  • Fitness Center
  • Full-time Doorman
  • Laundry in Building
  • On-site Garage
  • Residents Garden

$1750 large 1 bedroom in elevator/laundry building on East 83rd Street, 2 minute walk to 4/5/6 trains. Rentenna Score: 72 (Very Good!


SOHO APARTMENTS (South of Houston street for you newbies)

$2700 large studio in luxury doorman/laundry building on 304 Mulberry Street. Rentenna Score: 92 (Premier!)

  • Elevator
  • Full-time Doorman
  • Laundry in Building
  • Rooftop Deck


$3300 large 1 bedroom at Murray Hill Manor on 166 East 34th Street in luxury doorman building. Rentenna Score: 88 (Excellent!)

  • Elevator
  • Full-time Doorman
  • Laundry in Building
  • On-site Garage
  • Rooftop Deck
  • Valet
  • PETS OK!



$1800 large studio on 434 east 19th street in elevator/laundry building. Rentenna Score: 81 (Excellent!)


@Brickunderground: New Rental Bragging Rights, No Hurricane Zone??

August 29, 2011

Brickunderground original link

[caption id="attachment_283" align="alignright" width="260" caption="NYC hurricane evacuation zoneBrickunderground Link"][/caption]

Poor Battery Park City.  As if land leases and close proximity to a known terrorist target weren't hard enough on property values, the city's mandatory evacuation order this weekend outed BPC to the ENTIRE WORLD as one of the worst places in Manhattan to live in the event of a hurricane.

At the very least, a short-term-memory-span-worth of cooled interest among buyers (and possibly renters) seems unavoidable.

Meanwhile, apartment owners on higher ground (the areas in white on this map being the most desirable) have acquired some unexpected bragging rights.

read full article here

To search for probably very good negotiable deals now in Battery Park, click here!

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Top 5 Rentenna NYC Apartment Reviews of the Week: “Do yourself a favor and stay away."

August 23, 2011

Our goal at Rentenna is to develop a community of renters who can share their personal apartment experiences with each other as well as giving you objective criteria to know what an apartment is really like in our Rentenna Score.  Find below our picks for top rental reviews of the week based on a 1-5 score. (1-Worst, 5-Best)

Do you have a rental experience you would like to share? Add your review now by searching for your building here. If you can’t find your building on our site email us at and we will add it within 24 hours.

Property: Post Towers at 75 West Street, Rating: 1

Pros: Nice doormen.

Cons: Do yourself a favor and stay away. This was an ok place to live until a couple weeks ago when they started doing construction on the side of the building every morning at 8am, which includes the operation of a loud power-drill from a scaffold mere feet from my window. Management has indicated that this can be expected to continue well into the fall. Bottom-line: if you don't mind being woken up every morning by the sound and vibration of a loud power-drill, and have no need for the quiet enjoyment of your residence throughout the day, then this might be the place for you.

Property: Soho Court at 301 Elizabeth Street, Rating: 4

Pros: Amenities are awesome and I love the neighborhood (except when I'm trying to sleep - see below). Rent isn't cheap, but I think it's worth it for what you get.

Cons: Building management used to be very inattentive, and elevators were breaking down all the time. In the past year or so management has clearly made an effort and has really improved. Beware fitful sleepers: at times you can hear ALL KINDS of noise from the street below.

Property: Chelsea Landmark at 55 West 25th Street, Rating: 5

Pros: I love the units at Chelsea Landmark. Fixtures and appliances look nice and are of high quality. Building amenities are great. Neighbors are friendly. Staff is super professional and competent. Location is convenient to most parts of NYC.

Cons: Used to be a great value, but rent has jumped a bit this summer (2011), although that seems to be the case across the board for luxury buildings in manhattan right now. Also a con: Chelsea Landmark participates in the trend among luxury buildings of charging a separate fee for the gym (I found the cost worth it).

Property: 176 West Houston Street, Rating: 3

Pros: Very cheap for the location. Basically that's the one thing, and it's a great thing, the building has going for it, and units don't open up here all that often.

Cons: My unit had bed bugs when I lived here a couple years ago. Not an infestation, caught it early, and it got taken care of pretty fast, but gross. It's probably fine now but make sure you ask the landlord about it before you move in. Still have to give this place a 3 instead of a 4 for that.

Property: 327 East 108th Street, Rating:1

Pros: There are none

Cons: There are bedbugs throughout the building and the owner continues to rent infested apartments without telling new renters.'s Rental Q&A: When is a lease fully executed? Where can I find short-term rentals? Extra rental taxes or fees?

August 19, 2011


QUESTION: Percentages are approximated, since I don't have the actual numbers handy. My wife and I live in a rent stabilized apartment in Queens. Landlord sent a 2 year lease with an increase of 4.5%. The lease was signed and returned to the landlord. The landlord then signed the lease and sent the fully executed lease to us. A week later the landlord contacted us and said that the new rent guidelines called for a 7.5% increase for 2 years and sent a new lease with the higher amount for us to sign. Since we already have a fully executed lease and the error was on their part are we required to accept the new lease with the higher amount? Thank you for your time and consideration....

ANSWER: I would say the answer is no because once they signed, the Landlord is bound. The increase is a maximum increase but that does not mean the Landlord has to always go to the max; technically, a Landlord could raise your rent less than the max increase but, obviously, that almost never happens unless the Landlord is a “friend”.

You have a fully executed contract and that was the landlords own error. This is my opinion and you should seek advise from an attorney if necessary.



QUESTION: If I am looking for a 3-6 month rental, am I better off using a broker or finding a sub-let on my own?

ANSWER: I would say you are better off looking on your own through (do your best to avoid the bait/switch scams and people who will give you the apartment site unseen) and Just make sure you are searching the right parameters of "sublets" and not all rentals even though some of the general rentals might say six months. If you are looking for a short-term lease, sublets are the most advisable where you get to meet the person and see the space. MAKE sure you get something in writing (sublet contract) between you and the sub-lessor so you are protected and know that this person has the ability to rent their place out to you. Paying a broker's fee is advisable when you know you are going to be staying in the place really for at least one year if not two or three. The fee ends up paying for itself by getting a great priced place you love, but for less than a year whats the point of adding that additional cost onto moving and rent?



There are short-term furnished places if you have the budget for it, but those tend to run very pricey. See for luxury furnished rentals. Otherwise, to craigslist and backpage you go!

QUESTION: Is there a state, city, or local tax on renters? Are there any other costs in addition to rent and broker fees?

ANSWER: There are no hidden tax fees of any kind on renters when you sign a lease. When you pay taxes however, living in NYC you will pay a city tax for being a resident. Now there can be additional fees besides a brokers fee and your rent such as a credit check fee, application fee and if you are renting in a co-op or condo a sublet fee. Make sure you ask your broker or landlord for all fees up front before you sign the lease if it is a deal breaker for you!

Chocolate in the City: Union Square & East Village Apartments near Stand Burger (Surprisingly best Chocolate Milkshakes in the city)

August 18, 2011

I finally get to combine my love of chocolate and food with the love of apartment hunting! Weekly I will share with you my top sweets and restaurants in the city and how to live only blocks away from them…

[caption id="attachment_238" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Toasted Marshmallow Shake from Stand Burger (picture via "][/caption]

This week: Stand Burger's MILKSHAKES at 24 east 12th street.

CLASSIC SHAKES mini $4 / regular $6
Vanilla, chocolate malt, blueberry pie, strawberry, banana, black and white, apple pie, fresh mint, pumpkin, maple almond'

PREMIUM GELATO SHAKES mini $5 / regular $7
Toasted marshmallow, honey lavender chocolate, chocolate peanut butter cup, mint cookies and cream

People swear by the Toasted marshmallow while I love their classic chocolate. I have had milkshakes just about everywhere and there is just something different about theirs- it is probably the Gelato. Whatever it is, before summer ends I highly recommend trekking over there and getting one. Fortunately,  or perhaps unfortunately for my ever expanding waist line, I live in this hood.

if you want to live within walking distance to the best shakes in the city, here are some recommended no-fee NYC apartment buildings for you:

[caption id="attachment_244" align="alignleft" width="243" caption="Winner: Closest to Stand Burger is 77 Fifth Avenue with only a .3 mile distance!"][/caption]

Apartments in Union Square:

Huge and bright studio on coveted 77 fifth avenue in elevator/laundry building. Rentenna Score: 72 (Very Good!)

TIED FOR WINNER: Distance from Stand Burger: Only .3 miles!!!

Huge 2 bedroom in elevator/laundry/doorman building for $3550 at Gramercy Central. (220 east 22nd street). Rentenna Score: 66 (Good!)

Distance from Stand Burger: .8 miles

Real 2 bedroom for $2950 on 346 east 20th Street! Rentenna Score: 75 (Very Good!)

Distance from Stand Burger: .9 miles

Real 3 bedroom in prime Union Square at 138 east 16th street for $6000 in elevator building. Rentenna Score: 68 (Good!)

Distance from Stand Burger: .5 miles


Apartments in the East Village:

Real 1 bedroom on 435 east 12th street for only $2100!!! Rentenna Score: 54 (Average)

Distance from Stand Burger: .7 miles

Big studio for $2300 on 50 Third Avenue at the corner of 10th street. Rentenna Score: 53 (Average)

2nd place: Distance from Stand Burger: Only .4 miles!

Apartments in Noho/Greenwich Village:

Large and real 3 bedroom/2 bath in coveted townhouse on 70 west 11th street for $5700! Rentenna Score: 55 (Average)

Tied for Winner: Distance from Stand Burger: Only .3 Miles!!

Large studio on 30 Greenwich Avenue for $2700 in laundry/elevator building. Rentenna Score: 55 (Average)

Distance from Stand Burger: .5 miles