2015 New York Neighborhood Rankings

July 31, 2015

Everybody loves rankings. The funny thing is it doesn’t really matter what they’re about - people just like them. From The Best Football (Soccer) Transfers to The Weirdest Towns in America online rankings are now a staple of our day to day lives. But so many of those rankings are just so useless. So we decided to fix that and give you some rankings that you can actually use. Over the next few weeks we’re going to rank the top 5 neighborhoods in each borough based on a combination of major factors - safety, cost of living, school quality, building quality, and a variety of quality of life factors. Check out the full ranking system here.

Want to find out where your neighborhood ranks in your borough? Check out each top 5 below. We’ll link to the rankings for each borough as they come out.

Best Neighborhoods in New York

Top 5 Neighborhoods in Manhattan 
Top 5 Neighborhoods in Brooklyn 
Top 5 Neighborhoods in Bronx  
Top 5 Neighborhoods in Queens

Worst Neighborhoods in New York

Bottom 5 Neighborhoods in Manhattan 
Bottom 5 Neighborhoods in Brooklyn  
Bottom 5 Neighborhoods in Bronx 
Bottom 5 Neighborhoods in Queens

Maybe your neighborhood isn’t at the top or the bottom of the rankings. Maybe you live somewhere that’s just average. Check out the full rankings below to find out

Complete NYC Neighborhood Rankings

Full Neighborhood Rankings - Manhattan 
Full Neighborhood Rankings - Brooklyn 
Full Neighborhood Rankings - Bronx 
Full Neighborhood Rankings - Queens

These rankings leave you wanting more details about any neighborhood or building in NYC? Get your AddressReport and learn the full story.

The Los Angeles Food Delivery Heatmap: Where to Live in LA If You Live to Order In

June 03, 2015

It's a fine evening in Los Angeles, and all is going according to plan. You're firmly velcroed to your couch, staring at the Lakers-Clippers clash, monitoring your favorite sports talking-heads on twitter. But halfway into the 3rd quarter, reality strikes hard, as you realize you're hungry, got nothing in the fridge, and are staring at 45 minutes of brutal roundtrip traffic for your closest takeout meal.

So instead of watching Kobe's achilles tendon take on Lob City, you'll be staring at the tailpipes of your fellow smog-suckers on the Santa Monica Freeway.

It didn't have to be this way. The map below shows you why:

The Los Angeles Food Delivery Heatmap by AddressReport

Los Angeles Food Delivery Heatmap by Address Report
Based on an analysis of over 2,000 restaurants offering delivery in LA, AddressReport's Los Angeles Food Delivery Heatmap reveals -- before you move into your next Los Angeles apartment -- how to pick an address where delicious burritos, nachos, pizza, sushi, and dumplings fight traffic to come to you.

Yes, food delivery is a beautiful thing!

How to read the map:

  • Red indicates areas with a truly awesome selection of restaurants that deliver.
  • Green indicates areas with at least decent food delivery options.
  • Blue indicates areas where you’d better get used to the traffic or pick up some cooking skills.
  • The knife and fork icons highlight the top-rated restaurants that deliver in LA, according to reviews by LA denizens

Best Neighborhoods for Food Delivery in Los Angeles

A full review of the data reveals that neighborhoods in Central L.A. and the Westside offer, by a good margin, the most delivery options in Los Angeles.

Seven areas in particular stand out from the pack:

  1. Fairfax
  2. Century City
  3. West Hollywood
  4. North Hollywood
  5. Hancock Park
  6. Larchmont
  7. Beverly Hills

The Map of New York City TV Sitcom Locations

May 17, 2015

Sitcom writers and producers have long held a love affair with New York City. Taxi, The King of Queens, Seinfeld, I Love Lucy, The Jeffersons, Night Court, 30 Rock, The Cosby ShowSex In The City... Some of the most iconic situational comedies in television history were based in NYC (even though many were filmed on a soundstage on the other side of the country).

This map of New York City shows where these sitcoms were supposed to take place:

Map of New York City TV Sitcom Locations

Illustrator Dan Meth's NYC Sitcom Map is the third entry in the illustrator's A Series of Pop-Cultural Charts. Of course, he had much to choose from: Wikipedia has a massive running list of TV shows set in NYC.

Interesting exercise to have mind blown: cross-reference the make-believe NYC sitcom map with our map of where the real-life celebrities live in New York (or the map of what celebrities pay for rent in NYC).

If you'd like a more national (and epically nostalgia-inducing) perspective, Meth followed up his NYC sitcom map with a map plotting sitcom locations across the country overall.

The Map of Sitcoms Across the USA

May 04, 2015

See where the great sitcoms in TV history took place -- from Los Angeles' Wonder Years, Arrested Development, and Two and a Half Men to Chicago's Married with Children, Punky Brewster, and Webster, to Providence's Family Guy (and so many in between) -- on one awesome map:

USA Map of TV Sitcom Locations

The USA Sitcom Map was created by illustrator Dan Meth, as part 4 in A Series of Pop Culture Charts.

If you'd like to zoom in to see a more detailed map of show locations in NYC specifically, Meth has created a really fun New York Sitcom Map as well.

Or if all this TV talk has you in more of a celeb mood, AddressReport has a map of where your favorite celebrities live in NYC as well as a map of what celebrities pay in rent in New York.

The Manhattan Neighborhoods with the Most Children

March 17, 2015

Best Manhattan Neighborhoods for Families

Which neighborhoods in Manhattan have the most and least children? Where could you move in Manhattan, as a family with children, and know that your kids will have plenty of playmates nearby?

Or if you're in the camp that believes children are better seen than heard (and, if possible, not seen at all) where could you move to enjoy a stroller-free life?

Our NYC real estate data experts here at AddressReport crunched the numbers from the most recent New York City housing data set to rank the Manhattan neighborhoods with the greatest proportion of children living in households vs those that have the least.

The results are not necessarily what you'd expect.

Manhattan Neighborhoods with the Most Children

According to our analysis, Battery Park City is the most "kid friendly" neighborhood in the borough. Approximately 36% of households there have one or more kids at home.

While Battery Park City isn't the neighborhood most people immediately think of as having packs of kids running around, the numbers actually make a lot of sense when you consider that it's a largely residential neighborhood with nearly a third of its area comprised of parkland.

These are the five Manhattan neighborhoods with the most kids on a per-household basis:

Battery Park City36% of households have at least one child
East Harlem32% of households have at least one child
Harlem29% of households have at least one child
Tribeca26% of households have at least one child
Lower East Side20% of households have at least one child

Manhattan Neighborhoods with the Least Children

On the other end of the spectrum, we've analyzed the 5 Manhattan Neighborhoods with the lowest percentage of households with kids. 

This end of the list holds a little truer to the stereotypes people have about NYC neighborhoods. For example, Wall Street (also known as FiDi or the Financial District) and Hell's Kitchen are tied for the neighborhoods with the least amount of children, at just 6% of households each. 

But on closer examination, there are some real surprises, including households in the West Village, Gramercy, and Soho (all known, typically, as family friendly) having as few children, proportionally, as Midtown.

These are the five Manhattan neighborhoods with the fewest kids (actually, six neighborhoods, because of ties):

Wall Street / Financial District6% of households have at least one child
Hell's Kitchen6% of households have at least one child
Midtown7% of households have at least one child
Soho7% of households have at least one child
West Village7% of households have at least one child
Gramercy7% of households have at least one child

Picking the Best Neighborhood for Families with Children

Of course, there's more than just the relative likelihood of living near other parents to consider when picking a family-friendly neighborhood. When you look up an address on AddressReport, you'll see all kinds of interesting statistics about your potential future neighbors and neighborhood. 

Key data points include factors like median age in the neighborhood, the number of married vs single neighbors, education levels, income levels, how people in the neighborhood tend to get to work (bike share? subway? drive?) and when they leave for work in the morning, whether they're predominantly renters or owners, and much more.

Then there are those quality-of-life considerations, from the number of rats in the neighborhood, to the type and quality of the neighborhood's food delivery options, to the neighborhood's access to green spaces like public parks and farmers' markets.

If you're looking to explore further, look up any address on AddressReport to discover:

  • crime stats

  • demographic data

  • building complaints & violations

  • bed bugs, roaches, rats

  • plumbing, heat, and hot water

  • subway access, commute times

  • street and construction noise

  • development & alteration history