The Philadelphia Food Delivery Heatmap: Where to Live in Philly If You Love to Order In

November 30, 2015

It’s a frosty December Sunday in Philly. You’re wedged deep into the couch, watching the Eagles or catching up on your DVR from the cozy confines of your toasty apartment. But all is not well: you’re dying for a bite to eat but don’t want to move a muscle. Where’s the best place to live in the city of brotherly love if you crave the most abundant set of delectable food delivery options?

Wikipedia can't help you. But AddressReport has you covered with the Philadelphia Food Delivery Heatmap, which reveals exactly which neighborhoods in Philly offer the greatest selection of restaurants that'll deliver to your lazy self.

The Philadelphia Food Delivery Heatmap by AddressReport

Philadelphia Food Delivery Heatmap by Address Report

How to interpret the Philadelphia Food Delivery Heatmap:

  • Red indicates areas with an awesome selection of restaurants that deliver.
  • Green indicates areas with a decent variety of food delivery options.
  • Blue indicates areas where you'd better love to drive or ride SEPTA, 'cause the restaurant delivery options are slim to none... and slim is leaving for another neighborhood before he starves.
  • The knife and fork icons mark the top-rated restaurants that deliver in Philly according to reviews by locals.

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The Best Places to Live for Food Delivery in Philadelphia

Here are the top 10 neighborhoods in Philadelphia and its immediate surroundings, ranked by breadth & depth of food delivery options:

  1. Bella Vista (South Philly)
  2. Graduate Hospital
  3. Mid-Town Village
  4. Society Hill
  5. Rittenhouse Square 
  6. Market East /Financial District
  7. Queen Village
  8. Chinatown
  9. Fitler Square
  10. Powelton Village (Drexel & UPenn area, no wonder there are so many delivery options)

Philly Residents Looking Beyond Price

Increasingly, residents in major cities like Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles (and more) are looking beyond price when it comes to choose an apartment. Quality-of-life factors like amenities, ease of accessing public transportation, and proximity to great food and nightlife options have become major consideration.

If getting tasty food to your door by barely twitching a muscle is an important factor for your quality of life (be honest), check out the Food Delivery Heatmap above and get AddressReport's full report for your address.

The Worst Neighborhoods in Brooklyn 2015 Edition

August 03, 2015

Next up in our ranking of the best and worst places to live in for each NYC borough is the 5 Worst Neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

I should preface this one by saying that Brooklyn is a little bit weird. The geography and public transit layout makes it a little bit harder to get where you're going if you live in certain parts of the borough. Unfortunately we weren't able to take that into account for this version of the rankings. But without further ado:

5 Worst Neighborhoods in Brooklyn to Live In

5. Bedford-Stuyvesant - Coming in at #5 on the list, Bedford-Stuyvesant doesn’t have a single  standout negative feature that made it join the list of the worst neighborhoods in Brooklyn to live in. It’s just that every single feature we looked at was a little bit worse than average. Rent - higher. Crime - higher. Buildings - more complaints and violations. Filth complaints - higher. Put those all together and you get a neighborhood that’s the fifth worst in Brooklyn to live in.

4. Williamsburg - I know I know. Williamsburg is the place to be. It’s booming and everybody wants to live there. But that’s almost the problem with it. Over the last five years or so Williamsburg rents have skyrocketed, making it an almost unaffordable place for a lot of people to live. Combine that with above average crime and an absurd number of filth and noise complaints and you’ve suddenly got a neighborhood that’s not looking so hot.

3. Crown Heights - It’s cheaper than Williamsburg, but it suffers from all the other problems that landed Williamsburg at #4 on our list. In fact it’s the worst neighborhood in Brooklyn for filth complaints (rodents, trash on streets, graffiti, public urination etc.) and it’s among the worst for building complaints. Even a rent that’s a little bit lower doesn’t make up for these fact and Crown Heights comes in at #3.

2. Bushwick - The neighborhoods on this list are all nestled right next to each other. And that probably explains why the metrics for the #2, 3, & 4 neighborhoods on this list are so similar. Bushwick just slightly eked out the #2 spot (well I guess Crown Heights technically eked out the #3 spot) because of the shockingly high number of building complaints and violations in the neighborhood. Everything else is pretty much even between Bushwick and Crown Heights.

1. Vinegar Hill - What do you get when you take a neighborhood with one of the highest crime rates in New York City and combine it with one of the highest neighborhood rents in Brooklyn? You get one of the worst neighborhoods to live in. There are obviously some great things to do in the neighborhood but you probably want to live somewhere else.

More NYC Neighborhood Rankings:

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5 Worst Neighborhoods in Manhattan

5 Best Neighborhoods in Queens

5 Worst Neighborhoods in Queens

As I said earlier Brooklyn’s geographic layout make it much harder to rank than the other boroughs. When your neighborhood can swing your commute time by hours you’ve obviously got to take where you work into account when you’re deciding where to live. If you want to get an even better idea of how your neighborhood stacks up you should get your address’ complete AddressReport. You can even tie in your work address and get comparisons of commute times!

The Best Neighborhoods in Brooklyn 2015 Edition

August 01, 2015

I feel like I should probably open each of these blog posts for the best neighborhoods in each burough to live in by saying that these aren't your usual neighborhood rankings. These weren't put together by choosing neighborhoods that we thought were popular (or that we live in). Instead we took the data we have on each neighborhood on crime, cost of living, building quality, and more and put together a numerical ranking for each neighborhood in NYC.

Without further ado:

2015 Best Neighborhoods in Brooklyn to Live In

5. Cobble Hill - Coming in at #5 this might be the most “popular” of our neighborhoods to make the list of the best places to live in Brooklyn. It’s also easily the most expensive neighborhood to make the list. Despite its high rents the neighborhood’s great housing setup, safety, and non-urban feel helps push it into the top 5. Fun fact - several of the buildings in the neighborhood were originally constructed in the 19th century as “affordable housing”. Those same buildings now go for $1.375 million.

4. Windsor Terrace - Tucked between Prospect Park and the Greenwood Cemetery, Windsor Terrace comes in as AddressReport’s fifth best neighborhood to live in in Brooklyn. Safe and clean, with easy access to the park it’s  a great place for a family. Its well regarded public schools only bolster that fact. It’s main drawback is its rent, which is much higher than average for Brooklyn. But, if you can afford it then Windsor Terrace is a solid choice for a Brooklyn Neighborhood

3. Fort Hamilton - Even though there’s a fair amount of debate as to whether or not Fort Hamilton should be considered its own neighborhood (or whether it is just a part of Bay Ridge) we had to include it in our top 5 Brooklyn neighborhoods to live in because it’s solid across the board. No serious issues with buildings, cleanliness, or crime. And even better its rent is way better than most Brooklyn neighborhoods.

2. Mapleton - This small triangle in central Brooklyn comes in at #2 in our best neighborhoods in Brooklyn to live in. Low crime and relatively low rent, combined with a number of new construction projects over the last few years make it a great neighborhood in Brooklyn.

1. Marine Park - It seems like a common theme of the top Brooklyn neighborhoods in our rankings all have parks in them or are right next to parks. Marine Park (note the name) is no different. Located in SE Brooklyn this neighborhood is located right alongside Marine Park which makes it a great place to live. From your typical park amenities (basketball courts, tennis courts, baseball fields) to the more exoctic (golf course and nature center) the park has something for everyone. The amazing park coupled with affordable housing makes Marine Park a great place in Brooklyn to live.

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The Best Neighborhoods in Manhattan 2015 Edition

July 31, 2015

We realized that it's been a while since we last updated thse rankings. This time around we wanted to make our ranking system a little more quantitative and a little less qualitative. As a result these Manhattan neighborhood rankings might be different from most of the ones you’ve seen. You’re not going to see Tribeca or Flatiron or Chelsea topping these rankings. But that’s kind of the point of our rankings. We aren’t basing these off of what people think is “hip”, but instead we’re basing these neighborhood rankings off the cold hard facts. Anyways, if you want to go hang out in the Meatpacking District for its nightlife it’s a quick train ride away from most of Manhattan. But that’s enough talking about the rankings in the abstract - without further ado here’s AddressReport’s list of the top 5 Manhattan neighborhoods.

5 Best Neighborhoods in Manhattan to Live In

5. Lenox Hill - One of the top neighborhoods in NYC throughout the city’s storied history Lenox Hill continues to top the rankings of Manhattan neighborhoods. Amazing buildings and a peaceful living situation make for a great place to live. However, the rent can be rather steep. But, if you can afford it Lenox Hill continues to be a great neighborhood.

4. Battery Park City - Low crime, nice buildings, and a great community combine together to make this neighborhood on the fringes of the Financial District one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan to live in. Especially renowned as a family neighborhood it also ranks quite high in quality of life factors.

3. Beekman - One of the smallest neighborhoods in all of Manhattan is also one of the best. Located near the UN it’s also one of Manhattan’s oldest neighborhoods. Its high quality buildings coupled with an almost non existent crime rate result in Beekman being ranked as one of AddressReport’s top Manhattan neighborhoods despite its relatively high rent.

2. Tudor City - Solid across the board. It’s one of the safest neighborhoods in Manhattan and it scored great on all of our quality of life factors. Even its rent is pretty manageable. It might not be the flashiest neighborhood in Manhattan, but it is an amazing place to live.

1. Carnegie Hill - Low crime, great buildings, almost no filth or noise, and a ton of trees. That leads to Carnegie Hill being named our top neighborhood to live in Manhattan. In fact Carnegie Hill was our best rated neighborhood in all of New York! Yeah the rent is a little bit higher than average, but all those other factors are more than enough to offset that.

The revival of some of the outer neighborhoods of NYC has overshadowed the fact that the East Side is becoming an even better place to live. That might seem crazy since the East Side has always been the place to live in New York (well at least part of it has). But as the outer neighborhoods have become more and more attractive the price of living on the East Side has fallen and these neighborhoods skyrocketed up our rankings.

If these are the best neighborhoods in Manhattan what are the worst? You might be surprised by what makes the list.

Do you disagree with our rankings? Want to know why your neighborhood didn’t make it to the top spot? Check out the full report for your address and get the complete details

The Worst Neighborhoods in Manhattan 2015 Edition

July 31, 2015

These bottom rankings might come as a bit of a surprise to you. But then you need to remember that this isn’t a ranking of the worse neighborhoods to hang out in in Manhattan. It’s the ranking of the worst neighborhoods to live in in Manhattan. And so having a great club scene doesn’t necessarily help out. At least not if a month’s rent could buy you  a car or if the average building is falling apart. Here is AddressReport’s rankings of the 5 worst neighborhoods to live in in Manhattan.

5 Worst Neighborhoods in Manhattan to Live In

5. Union Square - Like many of the neighborhoods in the bottom five Union Square is a great place to hang out, but not necessarily a great place to live. It’s expensive and has a surprisingly high crime rate. It’s nice buildings and clean streets aren’t quite enough to offset those and it comes in as our fifth worst neighborhood to live in in Manhattan.

4. St. Nicholas Terrace - St. Nick’s Terrace makes this list for a different reason than most of the other neighborhoods. Its rent is way more moderate and it tends to be safer than the others. But, its buildings are known to have major issues. It is relatively middle of the pack when it comes to address complaints, but it is by far and away the worst neighborhood in all of New York City when it comes to apartment violations. Combine that with slightly above average rent and relatively high crime and you’ve got one of the worst neighborhoods to live in in Manhattan.

3. Koreatown - The buildings in Koreatown are in pretty good shape (certainly better than St. Nick’s Terrace anyway) but very high crime rates (especially for violent crime) combined with rent that’s much higher than average for Manhattan make it an unappealing place to live. Maybe you’re sensing a theme here. High crime + High Rent = Bad Place to Live.

2. Meatpacking District - Apparently the tiniest Manhattan neighborhoods are also some of the most polarizing. While Beekman’s low crime and great buildings made it one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan, the Meatpacking District’s super high crime rate (believe it or not it’s statistically one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in all of NYC) couple with massive rents make it an unappealing spot to live.

1. Theater District/Times Square - Honestly it shouldn’t be a surprise to any New Yorker that Times Square and the Theater District ranked as the worst neighborhood to live in in Manhattan. High rent (although not as high as Tribeca), an influx of tourists (although that didn’t go into the rankings), surprisingly very very high crime rates, and a complete lack of greenery leads to Time Square being a pretty bad place to live.

Thinking about the worst places to live in Manhattan got you down? Check out the best places in Manhattan to live!

These neighborhood rankings might not have fallen in line with what you expected for the worst neighborhoods in Manhattan. Check out our full list of neighborhood rankings here. And if you want to find out the specific reasons that your neighborhood didn’t make the best (or the worst) neighborhoods in Manhattan you should check out your apartment’s AddressReport to get all the data about crime, cost of living, building violations, and more!