Top 5 Best Denver Broncos Bars to watch the Superbowl in NYC

January 27, 2014

The competition for being the "best" Denver Broncos Bar in NYC is fierce. Here is where to catch the game if you love all things Peyton.

#1 Butterfield 8 (The official Denver Broncos Bar of NYC) 

From the Website: For the sports fans, our 40 ft granite bar and giant HGTV plasma screens allow a great view of all games, from any angle. Although all big sporting games are broadcasted, we pride ourselves in being the home of the Denver Broncos, recognized by the NFL network as the official Denver Broncos bar of NYC.  Butterfield 8 was referred to as “A watering hole for Denver fans in New York City” by the Denver Post in 2012.

#2 & #3 Mustang Sally's OR Mustang Harry's (Self-Declared "Best Denver Broncos Bars in NYC")

From their Facebook Post: Schedule: kick-off party at Mustang Harry's on Fri night at 7 pm; Saturday night, Rocky the Leprechaun leads the party at Mustang Harry's & Mustang Sally's; special brunch on Sunday morning and then the big game! Special drink and food specials, jersey giveaways, free swag from vendors! Call 212-268-8930 to reserve tables for all events!!

From the Website: Mustang Harry’s is one of the best places in NYC to watch the NFL. We have giant HD TVs everywhere you turn, offering a great view from every seat in the house.  If you have a big group, we can host you in your own private area in our upstairs lounge.

#4 Stout (surprisingly, no declarations - just a good ol' Broncos bar!)

From the Website: With cobblestone floors and stone walls, this sweeping, high-ceilinged bar feels like a fortress - and offers a safe haven from the chaos of nearby Penn Station. Thanks to a person- able staff and cozier seating in the back room and mezzanine, the warehouse-like space seems almost as intimate as a tiny neighborhood tavern, with customers saddling up to the long, full bar or tall tables to catch the game on the large-screen TVs.

#5 Keats Bar (Alsoooo Self-Declared "Best Denver Broncos Bar in NYC")

From the Website: Keats is the Number one Bronco bar in NYC, with the best fans! Give us a call today to reserve a spot to watch our beloved Peyton Manning bring home another Super bowl! p: 212-682-5490


Were you too lazy to bike to work today, or can you just blame the weather?

January 14, 2014

Bikeshare programs have gained popularity in several cities in the U.S. and across the world.

But if you live in NYC, Boston, Chicago, DC, or really anywhere that features actual seasons, you know that weather (cold, rain/snow, cloud cover, high winds, or whatever excuse your lazy lizard brain came up with this morning) can blot out months of potential biking days (especially for John in marketing, who keeps ridin' dirty even when it's 72 degrees and sunny).

How Does Weather Affect Usage of Bikesharing?

Lazy excuses for driving or taking the subway into work aside, how much do weather and other factors (like day of the week) influence people's usage of bikeshare programs?

Image title

A well-annotated statistical analysis of the factors that influence Citi Bike usage by marketer and designer Joe Jansen digs into the data from New York City's Citi Bike bikeshare program to answer that question, producing the interactive chart shown above.

Summary of Factors Impacting Citi Bike Usage in NYC

The analysis examined several factors to see which, if any, had a positive or negative correlation with daily miles traveled by bikers in the program:

  • Temperature: most correlated with usage, with the sweet spot for usage landing somewhere between 40 degrees on the low end and 80 degrees on the high end. Outside of that band, usage plummets.
  • Wind: smooth sailing for bikers until winds hit 17 mph, at which point people abandon all hope of biking and -- presumably -- start flying kites.
  • Cloud Cover & Rain: Limited data to work with, but there is a slight negative impact on biking. High winds, it seems, are the biggest deterrent to usage after crazy cold and crazy hot weather.
  • Day of the Week: impactful, but not nearly as much as one might expect. Weekends, predictably, see the highest median usage, but ultimately the biking happens pretty consistently across 7 days of the week.

Additional visualizations and further discussion of the factors that influence Citi Bike usage are available for each data point in the original post. And for more awesome statistical analysis & visualization, follow Joe on Twitter or check out his blog.

For the curious, here's a quick rundown of bikeshare programs by US city:

Bicycle Sharing Programs by City

Notable United States Bikeshare Programs by City

International Bikeshare Programs by City

Bikeshare programs have taken hold (or are planned) worldwide. Check out a frequently updated, interactive map of active & announced bikeshare programs across the globe:

Stunning 404 Park Avenue South Penthouses in Gramercy: Buzzworthy

January 02, 2014

404 Park Avenue South Generating Serious Buzz 


In an ever-evolving city like New York, you have to fight tooth and nail to make a name for yourself, but one of the newest entrants to Manhattan's luxury real estate scene seems to be blowing past the competition with ease. Situated in the center of Gramercy, Dutch-designed luxury condo Huys is at the forefront of a new movement bringing old world opulence back to highly modern Manhattan. Located at 404 Park Avenue South, the 58 condos at Huys mix modern conveniences with the elegance one has come to expect from older homes. Its light-filled condominium residences are already drumming up interest from buyers, with the bulk of the building's units already in contract. While each condo will provide homeowners an oasis from the hectic city life, the building's crown jewels are its spectacular penthouses, which offer up an unprecedented living experience. The six Huys penthouses atop this modern marvel include not only elegant details like hardwood floors, Miele appliances, and formal dining rooms, but offer up amenities rarely seen in the city, including wood-burning fireplaces, enormous terraced space, outdoor kitchens, and hot tubs. With amenities like this, it's no wonder this neighborhood newcomer is already drawing buyers like flies — as of mid-February, only six of the condominium residences are still on the market.


The 9 Areas to Avoid at All Costs on New Year's Eve in NYC

December 31, 2013

For those attempting the feat of enjoying a New Year's Eve in New York City, below is a handy map of the 9 areas you must avoid at all costs on NYE in NYC.

The NYC NYE Sadtimes Avoidance Guide was drawn on a single paper towel sheet because this information is simply too important to entrust to a napkin.

Image title

Pro-Tip: Phone batteries die early on NYE. For best odds of Jeremy Piven loft party avoidance, print two copies of The Paper Towel NYC NYE Sadtimes Avoidance Map (we recommend traditional paper). Reference first copy whenever you find yourself wandering between venues. Keep extra copy hidden in shoe -- it is for emergency use only.

New York City's Latest Luxury Developments

December 07, 2013

As the city with one of the most recognizable skylines in the world, architecture is a competitive game in New York City. Rest assured though that innovation and modern vision still dominates newer Manhattan structures, both inside and out—especially when it comes to the luxury apartment buildings that are thriving all across the city. Here are four of the most distinctive.

Mercedes House, Midtown West Luxury Rentals

With its zigzag construction, breathtaking domino-effect roof terraces (with unobstructed views of the Hudson) and glass-dominated façade, Mercedes House (at 550 W. 54th Street) isn’t just a triumph of unique aesthetics, it’s a champion of green living too. Masterminded by Enrique Norten—an architect known for his boundary-pushing designs—Mercedes House is large living for the globally minded. Constructed from recycled and regionally-sourced materials and designed with a commitment to green energy and healthy air quality, Mercedes House is a futuristic vision—and a very beautiful one at that.

737 Park Avenue Apartments

?Standing at the Northeast corner of 71st Street on the Upper East Side, 737 Park Avenue has all of the modern touches that come with being recently renovated, alongside all of the class and sleek nods to art deco design that come with being a building originally constructed in 1940. After entering through the dramatic nickel silver entry doors, lit by custom nickel silver lanterns, you reach the gorgeous black and white terrazzo floors and custom-designed chandeliers of the lobby. And while downstairs is like stepping back in time—or, at the very least, onto the set of Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby—apartments at 737 Park are the picture of modern convenience.

11 East 68, ?Upper East Side Apartments

The property that once stood at 11 East 68th Street remains memorable because of its sheer opulence. Henry Gurdon Marquand’s grand mansion was designed by architect Richard Morris Hunt and completed in 1884. However, the original red brick and limestone structure was replaced in 1914 by an 11-storey, light brick apartment building. Out of respect for the previous property, one of the architects working on the new structure left nods to Marquand—emblems featuring the letter ‘M’. In 2013, the building underwent another transformation when HFZ Capital turned the rental property into luxury condominiums. It’s impossible to know what Henry Gurdon Marquand would make of it all—but the memory of him lives on in the ‘M’s that still feature on the building’s façade.

The Greenwich Lane, Luxury West Village Condos

Easily one of the most unique places in all of New York City to make your home, The Greenwich Lane is made up of five separate buildings that form one magnificent community. The gorgeous complex—which includes town houses, a modern apartment tower, mid-Century buildings, a swimming pool and a tranquil private garden—represents every stage of New York real estate history but, like the city itself, the old and the new merge together seamlessly. Interior design mastermind Thomas O’Brien says: “It was about two ends of the spectrum: traditional and modern—and it was about finding the place in the middle… They merge back and forth.”