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Need some insanely tricked out luxury office space?

December 01, 2013

600 Community Drive: State-of-the-art Office Space in Manhasset

Medical companies demand state-of-the-art offices and facilities. That's why 600 Community Drive in Manhasset, Long Island is such a tantalizing prospect for New York based set ups looking for new office space, or even a headquarters.

Over the past few years, $5 million has gone into capital improvements for this office space. Amenities now include a fitness center, state-of-the art day care center, and cafeteria. Employees working at the complex will also benefit from naturally-lit working conditions, and a safe and secure environment, thanks to 24-hour security comprising CCTV and on-site personnel.

The Class-A suburban office building covers 252,000 square feet, and sits on 8.93 acres of land. Parking space is ample – the covered lot has an approximate capacity of 975 vehicles.

However, it's not just the building that makes 600 Community Drive so appealing to businesses. Its location within Manhasset makes it a neighbor of the North Shore University Hospital, and just a short walk to Fresh Meadows Country Club and Deepdale Golf Club.

For accessing Manhattan and beyond, 600 Community Drive couldn't be better positioned. Along the Long Island Expressway, it's just a half-hour drive into central Manhattan. Both JFK and LaGuardia Airports are only 20 minutes away. It's not every day – or every year – that one comes across such an embodiment of facilities, space and location.