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5 Staten Island Myths Debunked direct from Rentenna's resident Staten Island Expert

November 08, 2011

By: Sasha Gorelik (Life-long Staten Island resident & Rentenna Genius)

To me Staten Island has always been the best of both worlds, I get the benefits of living in one of the most amazing cities in the world, but in a slightly suburban setting. I’m just a 30 minute bus ride away from downtown Manhattan and a 20 minute drive to Bay Ridge so I never feel like I’m far from the action. But recommend that someone consider Staten Island as the borough they should call home, and a look of horror crosses their face. Misconceptions based largely on outdated stereotypes, SNL skits and the popularity of The Jersey Shore, give Staten Island a pretty bad rap. Here are the most common Staten Island myths, debunked.

1. Staten Island girls are orange.

We are not all orange. Some of us are a nice shade of beige.


2. Everyone's in the mob.

My father is not a member of the mob. Neither is the owner of my favorite Italian restaurant or the old school deli. 


3. It's just a dump.

The dump was closed a few years ago and is in the process of being made into a park.


4. It's all Italians.

Staten Island is very diverse, something that becomes apparent when you consider your food options. It's not just Italian food. There's Russian, Mexican, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Greek, French, German, Turkish… Need I go on?


5. I'd have to go to Brooklyn or Manhattan every time I want to do something.

Bars, cafes, movies, bowling, go-karts, batting cage, golf, tennis, kayaking, zoo, museums, nature walks, and more.




BONUS: There’s crazy turkeys walking around.

That part’s true. Stay away from them, they will attack!







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