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5 Best Upper East Side Apartments | The Cultural Heart Of NYC

August 27, 2012

The Upper East Side, bounded by the East River and Central Park, has always been one of the hippest places to rent an apartment in New York City. An affluent neighborhood, this suave residence offers its inhabitants direct proximity to many of the best things NYC has to offer: the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Neue Galerie, and a number of famous churches such as St. John the Martyr's Church and Church of the Heavenly Rest. Perhaps you'll end up living next to the Manhattan House, where Grace Kelly and Benny Goodman used to live; maybe you'll finally reside on the Museum Mile, formerly known as Millionaire's Row. In the Upper East Side, you'll find NYC's cultural heart and soul; don't miss a chance to pick up an apartment location in this historic district. Here's the 5 best UES apartments available right now.

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Stonehenge 65 at 360 East 65th Street

Upper East Side Apartments Stonehenge

Stonehenge 65 is one of those rare apartments that come once every lifetime: spacious, clean living rooms and bedrooms with granulated hardwood flooring, an amazing view of Midtown, a rooftop deck, resident's garden, an incredibly well-rated set of staff and doormen, all for a reasonable price. Also, it's nearby to many of the hottest destinations in the Upper East Side. For an all-around package, Stonehenge 65 is the way to go. 

Average Prices

  • Studio - $3,336
  • 1 Bedroom - $3,239
  • 2 Bedrooms - $5,057
  • 3 Bedrooms - $6,492

226 East 70th Street

Upper East Side Apartments 226 East

Though it has a nondescript name, this apartment is still one of our most highly-ranked buildings in all of NYC. Why? Simple. Its value: the amount of space and quality you get per dollar, is out of this world. We love the absolutely enormous living rooms, the great apartment design and layout, and the speedy elevators goign up and down.

Average Prices

  • 1 Bedroom - $2,603
  • 2 Bedrooms - $4,038
  • 3 Bedrooms - $4,203

The Somerset at 1365 York Avenue

Upper East Side Apartments Somerset

The Somerset takes its place as one of our most luxurious apartment picks. The awning outside is stunning, reminiscent of a classy Hilton or Marriott, and its interior does nothing to dispel that notion, filled with soft lighting, helpful staff, and splendid interior design. If you're looking to sit in the lap of luxury in NYC's luxurious Upper East Side, this is your chance.

Average Prices

  • Studio - $2,461
  • 1 Bedroom - $3,312
  • 2 Bedrooms - $5,648
  • 3 Bedrooms - $7,821

211 East 70th Street

Upper East Side Apartments 211 East

This soaring skyscraper boasts a number of useful amenities: with a full-time doorman, fitness center, on-site garage, and more, you'll find everything you need to keep your life running stable and easy in this apartment. The landlord is incredibly friendly, the rooms are well-furnished and inviting, and the price is right. This apartment's the right one for any couple or small family looking for a deal.

Average Prices

  • 1 Bedroom - $3,212
  • 2 Bedrooms - $5,637
  • 3 Bedrooms - $12,166

The Fairmont at 300 East 75th Street

Upper East Side Apartments Fairmont

The Fairmont brings up our list of the 5 best apartments on the Upper East Side, but it's certainly not our least. Wall-to-wall windows give these apartments a bright, lively tone, and the fitness center is the largest we've seen in any building on the UES. The resident's garden is a thing of beauty, tended to by a team of gardeners, and you'll find that the price fits extremely well for such a luxurious apartment.

Average Prices

  • Studio - $2,600
  • 1 Bedroom - $3,713
  • 2 Bedrooms - $5,613
  • 3 Bedrooms - $10,230