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4th of July Chicago Fireworks 2013 | Independence Day in Chicago

June 19, 2013

If you need information on the hottest place to view the fireworks, the biggest parties, or the best views in Chicago for the 4th of July fireworks in 2013, you're in the right place. Here are all the best places to be on the day America earned its independence and decided to take a stand for alcohol, loud noises, and crazy parties on an annual basis.

Navy Pier 4th of July Fireworks 2013

Unfortunately, this will be the only major fireworks show this year: the Chicago-sponsored Grant Park show has been canceled due to budget cuts. Fortunately, this will be the place to go, and will be the largest event Chicago's ever July 2013. At 9:00 PM on Thursday, July 4th, if you head down to Navy Pier on the edge of Lake Michigan, you'll see why the Navy Pier Fireworks are the hottest thing in Chicago. They'll last for approximately 15 minutes and will be visible throughout most of Chicago, so don't worry about getting on the Pier; it'll probably be closed down.

Best Places to View the Chicago Fireworks 2013

Navy Pier is, of course, the best place to see the fireworks; however, they'll be very hard to get into. Arrive early, and  purchase an early reservation, but even that may not guarantee you a visit: last year, because of overcrowding, even ticket holders last year were denied entry. Other places to watch the fireworks include:

Fireworks Dinner Cruises for the 4th of July Fireworks 2013

You can watch the fireworks over the beautiful Lake Michigan from the Spirit of Chicago Cruises, the Odyssey, or the Mystic Blue, with prices ranging from $40 to $50. For dinner and alcohol, the cruises will incur extra expenses, but it's definitely worth it: an escape from the crowded shoreline and an opportunity to watch the fireworks rise over the beautiful Chicago skyline. Check out more information at this list of Fireworks Cruises.

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Watch from the Ferris Wheel

The Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier will offer some of the most coveted and beautiful views of the Chicago fireworks. For only $6 for a seven minute ride, it'll be the discount of your life: if you can get on the wheel while the fireworks are going. However, with 40 gondolas carrying 300 people, you just might have a chance.

Watch the Fireworks from some Great Festivals in 2013

There's plenty of festivals going on in Chicago on July 4th, and all of them will be amazing. Maybe you want to check out Frontier Days, in Arlington Heights, or Barrington's 4th of July Festival. You can also head over to Naperville's Ribfest, and if you're looking for a balloon festival, Lisle's Eyes to the Skies will do just the trick, though it only goes on till July 1st.

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