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1 Yorkville: Toronto's Latest Condo Masterpiece

November 12, 2013

Luxury Conods at 1 Yorkville Toronto

In the past, homeowners have been forced to choose between elegant architecture and living in luxury. Thanks to the seamless blend of form and function at Toronto's One Yorkville, choosing between the two is now obsolete. The stunning 58-story tower, situated at Yorkville Avenue and Yonge Street, will house both retail space and residential spaces, with shops occupying the building's ground floor, and condo apartments rising above the heritage buildings that make up 1 Yorkville's base. This unique design, orchestrated by famed architect Rosario Varacalli, will contain 577 residential units, ranging from simple one bedrooms to sprawling three bedrooms with additional den suites. While the building's copious retail space will surely more than adequately serve the needs of the residents above, with shop owners champing at the bit to sign up for space, the neighborhood surrounding the tower is equally attractive, boasting countless opportunities for excitement. Within just a few blocks of the building, you'll find yoga studios, trendy boutiques, chic eateries, and multiple train stations providing easy access to the city's countless commuters.  Whether you're new to Toronto or have enjoyed the city your whole life, there's no better vantage point to enjoy the luxe life than from 1 Yorkville.