AddressReports reveal the truth behind the listing

"I'd never move in without seeing the AddressReport."

We're out to stop the classic city dweller's moving horror story

The listing sounded amazing. The area felt safe on a sunny day. And your standard 15 minute tour of the building didn't turn up anything obviously worrisome.

But shortly after you move in the elevator goes out, the "up-and-coming" block feels menacing when you walk home at night, and you hear a family of rats scurrying about inside the walls.

How does this even happen?

Overworked and constantly rushed, apartment hunters resort to cramming their search in between the more pressing responsibilities of their day.

Busy movers find themselves at the mercy of real estate professionals, management companies, co-op boards, owners, and even potential roommates whose economic incentive may be to hold back unflattering information that could cause an apartment hunter to ask too many questions or possibly reject an apartment.

This creates an information gap that so often leads to moving horror stories and mover’s remorse.

How AddressReport helps prevent mover's remorse

AddressReport scans and interprets hundreds of millions of data points to generate gorgeous, easy-to-read, detailed reports that reveal the positives and red flags for any address -- eliminating the information gap and giving busy apartment-hunters the insights they need to make a better-informed moving decision.

Enter any address below and we’ll expose what the broker, owner, or management may not be telling you: