AddressReport reveals the unbiased truth about any apartment, condo, or co-op address

Peer back into a property's history

From renovations and major construction to complaints and violations, see an easy-to-digest history behind a property.

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Know the market around an address

With recent nearby transaction data, you'll have an instant sense of the market in and around a property.

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Crime rarely happens during a midday property viewing

Crime stats and maps help you decide if you could truly feel safe walking this block alone at night.

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Slow, overcrowded elevators are a bad combination

Waiting for the elevator shouldn't be a major component of your daily commute

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A shorter commute means a better quality of life

Compare estimated commute times from various properties to your key destinations.

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See the objective facts, not a marketing message

Get a full picture of any property, community and block you call (or are thinking of calling) home, so you can choose a home that fits your lifestyle

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Access anytime, from anywhere

AddressReport is optimized for iPhone, Android, and desktop use, so you can view property reports from the office, couch, or out at the property itself.

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Share reports with family or friends

Easily print or save reports to PDF to share with family or roommates.

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